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Telemarketing provides an opportunity to target very specific audiences with highly targeted messages. It is also highly scalable. A campaign can get started very quickly, without the usual lead-time required for mailings. It can also be modified or stopped at any time if it is not working well, or if the message needs to be refined. 


SMG’s proven track record of success enables you to gain from our experience in the research and testing of telemarketing processes. This allows your organization to reach the highest levels of response. 


We will collaborate with you to prepare scripting that reflects your organization’s culture and philosophies, in order to reach the hearts and minds of your constituents with the greatest impact.

Major Gifts &

Planned Giving

Campaigns that involve planned giving or asking for large contributions need a softer touch. Creating a relationship, while gathering essential information, is extremely important.  We work with your organization to create a viable strategy for obtaining the necessary information and creating leads for further follow-up by your organization.  


Tracking the effectiveness of your project in real time is critical to the success of a campaign. Every day, clients receive detailed reports of how the project is progressing.

Remote Calling

Utilizing our infrastructure of sophisticated software, reporting and expertise, organizations can create their own in-house calling campaigns with staff and/or volunteers. We do the heavy lifting that comes with managing the entire project, and let our clients focus their attention on creating community relationships and securing gifts. 


Donors who received multiple mailings over a year or two and have not responded are significantly less likely to respond to another mail appeal. Similarly, the more time that has passed since a donor’s last contribution, the less likely they are to make another donation. We have found that after a person has received numerous mail appeals but has stopped responding, he/she is more likely to respond to a tele-funding phone call.


Donor acquisition can be successful in the long-term through targeting specific constituents via tele-funding. However, it should be noted that donor acquisition is not fundraising in the short term. The cost to acquire a donor is often greater than the initial income. However, the new donor can be re-solicited multiple times over the years, and the cost-to-income ratio becomes closer to break-even. Once donors are acquired, they provide net revenue to the organization. Tele-funding in conjunction with direct mail is also beneficial. 

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