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Data Analysis

Data is the lifeblood of your organization. Maintaining clean data and managing the flow of data in and out of your database is an essential part of meeting your campaign goals. At SMG, data is more than just ones and zeros. We believe in learning how the data applies to every aspect of your organization. 


Using "big data" theories to help refine who and how to contact can be the key to creating an effective and cost-efficient campaign.  This is pivotal to the success of the campaign.


Data hygiene can be time-consuming, and is often ignored due to database and staff limitations. At SMG, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your data’s viability. A matrix of data points returned from the append process is used to verify a record’s accuracy and viability.


The analysis determines which records should be kept and which records should be considered inactive, resulting in a more effective and efficient campaign. 

Dynamic Response Analysis

SMG uses statistical software to run a comprehensive regression analysis on past data and results to identify and isolate specific attributes that correlate with a higher propensity to make a pledge over the phone (or via mail, depending on the circumstance).


SMG uses that information to assign metrics to individual records based on our estimate of their expected performance. During telephone/direct mail campaigns, we use those metrics to target solicitations toward records with the best expected performance, or records that fall within certain pre-defined parameters. Using this technique, a campaign can achieve dramatic increases in both response rate and cost-effectiveness. 


Adding new data to your database can be a challenge at times. By utilizing sophisticated software at SMG, we are able to update your information -outside of your database- by simply using a backup of your data. 

Exporting data for direct mail/telemarketing campaigns can be time consuming, and if done incorrectly, the wrong data may be exported. SMG can pull lists via a backup of the database, efficiently and accurately.


Adding highly targeted data appends to existing data can enhance the power of your database. Depending on the campaign, these appends can provide a more accurate list of records to approach for a solicitation. Sending a targeted message to uninterested recipients is costly and inefficient. Utilizing data to pinpoint the best records to contact is an important part of being an efficient and successful fundraiser.   


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