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“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Developing a strategy for a campaign is critical to meeting your goals. When determining your campaign’s direction, the important questions to ask are: Who, When and How. An effective campaign considers each of these questions and creates a complete strategy for the year. Whether the campaign goal is to raise more dollars, obtain new donors/members, or both, having a strategy and monitoring results will help achieve your goal.



Using a comprehensive methodology is essential to obtaining accurate data. We provide actionable information that brings your data to a new level of accuracy. 



Analyzing response patterns from prior years to determine when a person is most likely to respond to requests for contributions can save time and money. Using historical data to predict the next response can be an effective method of maintaining costs throughout the year.     



Determining the best method to contact any given donor (phone, mail, etc.) can also save significant resources. This is also done through analyzing individual response patterns from prior years. 


Utilizing all of this information to create a comprehensive annual campaign can make the difference between meeting your goal and surpassing it. 

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