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Direct Mail


We provide comprehensive direct mail services, working with you to create a message that will resonate with current and potential donors.  We provide design and complete mailing services that include printing, data processing, letter-shop services, mailing, caging and cashiering.  Essentially, we can do everything needed to get your mailing to its recipients.


We will collaborate with you to prepare copy that reflects your organization’s culture and philosophies, in order to reach the hearts and minds of your constituents with the greatest impact.


At SMG, we match the appropriate type of printing to your job. We work to find the lowest possible price at the highest quality. Whether printing a letter or a magazine, we utilize the latest technology in printing and color matching.   


The layout and design of a mail piece can have just as much impact as the message itself. At SMG, we can design and set layout to highlight and complement your message.  

Custom Prints

Our direct mail services go far beyond simple letters. We provide printing for full feature magazines, address return labels and much more. 


We have tested many variables to determine the most effective mailing strategies. However, each organization has certain unique attributes, so part of the direct mail program includes tests to determine the best direct mail package for your needs. 


Some of the variables we test include envelope size, closed vs. window envelopes, letter format and size, postage stamp vs. indicia, and teaser copy vs. no teaser copy. For example, we have generally found a window envelope with copy printed on letterhead to be a more effective direct mail piece than that of more elaborate designs.  


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